WL&A Indigena Collection - Quimbaya Lizard Pendant


WL&A Handmade Indigena Collection - Precolumbian Quimbaya Lizard Pendant with Carico Turquoise Eyes - Deer Skin & 12mm Sterling Bead
Handmade using traditional old style techniques & forged from repurposed 1890s 925 Sterling Silver. Strung on 29" adjustable deer leather with a handmade 12mm Ingot bead. Old Style classic and built to last generations.
Colombia's Indigenous culture evolved from three main groups (3500 B.C.E.) —the Quimbaya, the Chibchas; and the Kalina -- Today, pueblos indígenas (Spanish) comprise 4.4% of the country's population and belong to 87 different tribes spanning from the northern tip of the deserts in La Guajira to the southwest Amazonas.
Quimbaya culture lived and thrived in gold-rich valley of the Cauca river in Colombia
Handmade Old Style Jewelry
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